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Rogue Profile of Stefano Modena

Stefano Modena
Name Stefano Modena
Country Italy Italy
Active 1987 – 1992
Races 81
Wins 0
Poles 0
Championships 0
Fastest Laps 0
Rogue Points 43
All time ranking 67
Rogue Race Wins 0 wins
Rogue Championship Wins 0 wins

Rogue data for Stefano Modena

Who? What Points Action Lap
1992 – South African Grand Prix
Modena, Stefano (Jordan) Spin out of session / race 4 pts Modena span his Jordan into the gravel on his first flying lap in Friday qualifying. He dashed back to the pits and forced his way into twenty sixth position overnight. On the Saturday morning he spun again and coupled with an engine failure meant he would be in the spare car for the qualifying session. He was just on fast enough and he did not qualify.

1992 – Spanish Grand Prix
Modena, Stefano (Jordan) Spin out of session / race 4 pts Modena spun his Jordan Yamaha in the Friday qualifying session. He had to abandon his race car on the circuit and then he proceeded to take the spare car and spin that too. Ht was no wonder he failed to qualify for the fourth race in succession. He blamed the second spin on the spare cars “pulling” brakes..

1992 – Monaco Grand Prix
Modena, Stefano (Jordan) Crash due to driver error level 1 1 pts Modena was out on lap seven after he planted his Jordan into the armaco barriers.

1992 – French Grand Prix
Modena, Stefano (Jordan) Spin out of session / race 4 pts Modena spun his disappointingly pathetic Jordan in Friday qualifying.

1992 – British Grand Prix
Modena, Stefano (Jordan) Crash due to driver error level 1 1 pts On lap forty-four Schumacher was coming up to the slowing Modena, the engine in the Jordan broken. There was a misunderstanding and the two cars became entangled, slithering to a halt locked together. Neither car was damaged by the altercation and Schumacher worked is way free and continued.

1992 – German Grand Prix
Modena, Stefano (Jordan) Spin out of session / race 4 pts Modena was running the absolute minimal amount of wing in Friday qualifying in order to squeeze the last ounce of speed out of the Jordan Yamaha. It was to no avail as the lack of down force just resulted in a high-speed spin.

1992 – Hungarian Grand Prix
Modena, Stefano (Jordan) Crash due to driver error level 1 1 pts On lap fourteen Wendlinger, who had been delayed by the first lap incident collected the Tyrrell of Grouillard as he came to overtake it. Grouillard then spun across the track and was collected by the Jordan of Modena. The accident had claimed three cars and it was thought that the safety car might have to be deployed; it was not.

1992 – Belgian Grand Prix
Modena, Stefano (Jordan) Crash due to driver error level 1 1 pts In Saturday’s wet qualifying session Modena was following Brundle’s Benetton into La source when the Jordan got away from him. The Jordan crashed into the back of the Benetton with such a force that both cars were close to being written off.

1991 – Brazilian Grand Prix
Modena, Stefano (Tyrrell) Spin off and recover 1 pts Like Patrese had done in the session Modena ran over the lethal Interlagos razor kerbs. The kerb ripped the bottom off his Tyrrell and tore the sump out of the car. This was ain inauspicious debut for the Honda engine in the Tyrrell.

1991 – San Marino Grand Prix
Modena, Stefano (McLaren) Unsportsman like driving 3 pts For two laps Modena held Senna behind in an effort to prevent him from being lapped. Senna was no pleased and it took an on grass excursion for Senna to pass Modena. When asked what it was like running so close to Senna Modena called it “interesting” it is doubtful if Senna shared the sentiment.

1991 – Canadian Grand Prix
Modena, Stefano (Tyrrell) Spin off and recover 1 pts Modena span across the kerbs in Saturday’s qualifying session. The high kerbs played havoc with the under tray of Modena’s race car and he was in the “training” car for the rest of the session.

1991 – French Grand Prix
Modena, Stefano (Tyrrell) Crash due to driver error level 1 1 pts On lap seven Modena hit Morbidelli from behind. The impact from the Tyrrell pitched Morbidelli’s Minardi into a spin but he continued. Morbidelli was not pleased at all. de Cesaris was approaching the accident in his Jordan and he had to spin his car to avoid being collected in the mêlée. Both Gugelmin and Boutsen slowed right down as they approached the accident and this caught Capelli napping. He jumped on the brakes to bring his Leyton house to a grinding halt only to stall the engine. He was out on the spot too.

1991 – Hungarian Grand Prix
Modena, Stefano (Tyrrell) Mouthing off 5 pts At the start, in the run down to the first corner Pirro and Modena made contact, causing the surrounding cars to scatter. Neither the Dallara or the Lotus were seriously damaged although Pirro pitted on lap fifteen after the bent suspension had done little to improve his tyre wear rate. Fading oil pressure caused his eventual demise.

1990 – Brazilian Grand Prix
Modena, Stefano (Brabham) Spin out of session / race 4 pts Modena spun his Brabham into the gravel on lap forty. He stalled the engine and he had to retire from the race.

1990 – Monaco Grand Prix
Modena, Stefano (Brabham) Crash due to driver error level 1 1 pts As the lights turned green the entire field filed through Ste Devote without incident. Coming into Mirabeau. Alesi timed a move to overtake Prost into the right hand corner perfectly. Prost could not resist and left the door open. Berger seeing this initiated a move that was doomed to failure from its inception. He locked his brakes up and slid into Prost’s Ferrari, just as Prost had began to turn in. The McLaren’s left front wheel struck the Ferrari’s right rear both cars sliding to a halt. It was miraculous that they were not hit by any of the following cars. In the confusion Modena drove his Brabham over the back of Martin Donnelly’s Lotus. The race was red flagged.

1990 – British Grand Prix
Modena, Stefano (Brabham) Crash due to driver error level 1 1 pts Modena spent most of his time during qualifying in the spare BT59 that was fitted with the BT58’s old longitudinal gearbox rear end. He was forced to use the spare Brabham after he had had a huge accident at Stowe during Friday morning’s free Practice, which seriously damaged his race car. On the Saturday he improved his on Friday time but it was disallowed as he had used a tyre devoid of any identification marks in the session.

1990 – German Grand Prix
Modena, Stefano (Brabham) Crash due to driver error level 1 1 pts As the lights went green to start the race the clutch on Modena’s Brabham failed and he was barely able to coax his BT49 into motion. David Brabham has to swerve violently to avoid his team-mate and in doing do he collected Pirro’s Dallara. The front right suspension of the Brabham ripped the back left wheel of the Dallara pitching it into the wall. Pirro was out but David Brabham continued none too worse for wear. Alliot was pinned in and had to come to a standstill. He was shocked when a marshal lent into the cockpit to unfasten his seatbelts. In the ensuing struggle the engine ignition was turned off much to Alliot anger. Alliot accepted a push start as compensation and for that he was black-flagged from the race after twelve laps for receiving outside assistance.

1990 – Italian Grand Prix
Modena, Stefano (Brabham) Unsportsman like driving 3 pts Modena baulked Gerhard Berger’s final qualifying run in the first chicane much to the Austrians distress. He ended up behind Prost by one thousandth of a second.

1990 – Spanish Grand Prix
Modena, Stefano (Brabham) Crash due to driver error level 1 1 pts Modena and Tarquini collided on lap six out of the races seventy-three laps. The AGS and the Brabham both slithered off into the gravel with terminal damage, both drivers eliminated.

1990 – Japanese Grand Prix
Modena, Stefano (Brabham) Crash due to driver error level 1 1 pts Modena’s race ended in the gravel trap at the first corner after an unidentified assailant had bumped him off the circuit.